Is there any cost for the camp? A: NO, the camp in it's 8th. year is funded by sponsors. Totally free to the campers. The professional athletes donated their time for the children.  If you wish to contribute you can do so through this website.  If you know a company or person that would like to sponsor please call Michael Poirier at 315-256-6439


Does my child have to play football to attend?  A: NO This is a fun camp and will incorporate play/learning stations that will include, football, basketball and cheerleading fundamentals and drills.  There will also be exercise stations.


What time should my child arrive on Saturday June 24th?  A: Our check in tables will be open by 8:15 a.m. and closed at 9:15 a.m. 


Will we hear anything before camp?  A:  Roughly a week prior to June 24th. the registered child will receive information in the US Mail.


What should my child wear?  A:  A camp tee shirt will be provided to child at checkin on June 24th. Your child should wear comfortable clothing such as shorts, workout pants, sweats etc.  Please judge the weather.


Should my child need Cleats?   A:  NO please have your child wear sneakers only.  


What if my child has medical needs?  A: This will be in the letter your child receives.  There are two medical Doctors during the camp along with EMT's.  Upon arrival and check in on the 24th. there will be a table specific to medical issues, such as puffers, bee sting kits etc.


Will a healthy snack be served?  A:  After the exercise portion of the camp, children will be able to choose from a various variety of snacks.  


What if my child has food allergy's? A: Your child should know to ask or be aware of what to choose and what not. 


What if it rains?  A:  We will continue in a light drizzle, but in case of a downpour along with thunder and lightening, indoor facilities are available for the campers and we will determine at that time the safest outcome for the children.  


Does my child need any money?  A:  No the camp is free for the campers and water is provided along with a healthy snack.


Can my child bring a football or anything to be autographed? A: NO, during snack and speech time players will walk around and autograph the campers CNY shirt that they received.


Can I get on the field to take video / pictures of my child? A: NO, field access is limited to Players, Volunteers, Family Members and sponsors. 


When the camp is over where do I pick up my child?  A: All campers will be dismissed from the main football field. A responsible adult must come up to the main field gate and claim their child, it is then security will release the camper.


Is my child safe? A:  There is plenty of security along with uniformed police presence. All fields are restricted, and no child can leave the fenced in fields without  a camp adult volunteer. 


Is there concessions? A:  Yes, if you choose to stay and watch, there will be a cash concession stand available.


If I have a concern whom should I speak to? A:  Camp day volunteers will be in a different color CNY Academy shirts.  If it is very important and or prior to camp day you can reach Michael or Lisa Poirier at 315-699-2222.  Camp day Michael cell is 315-256-6439